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These are some generally accepted rules of Naturist Etiquette.

Stay Out of the Dunes and other environmentally sensitive areas. People will think you are "skulking"

Obey Parking Regulations and other posted rules.

Help With Litter - bring along a trash bag. Carry out more litter than you create. If you must smoke don't throw your butts on our lovely beaches.

Don't Go Out of Customary Nude Areas. To wander nude into a clothed beach or parking area will offend many. If there are clothed people sharing the beach it is polite not to walk straight in front of them when walking to and from the water.

No Overt Sexual Activity. Leave bedroom activities where they belong. If we are bringing our children to the beach we don't want to have to explain why that man there is "rubbing his willy"

Respect the Property of Others.

Ask Prior Consent For Photography.

Privacy Is Fundamental. Sit or walk a respectable distance from others, Many are at a beach for quiet time. Body language should tell you they don't want to be disturbed. It's not wrong to look for new friends - but it is rude to intrude when you're unwelcome.

Come Prepared. Bring beach supplies: beverage, food, sunscreen, towel. Mooching is not a cool way to make friends.

Speak Up for Standards. Don't let some newcomer who doesn't understand the situation or our values cause trouble. Instead of doing a slow burn, go talk, politely but firmly, to the couple starting sexual activity, the can-tosser, the skulker in the dunes.

This list comes to us courtesy of the Naturist Society.



Respect non-Naturist neighbours. Use appropriate covering outside the accepted
clothing-optional area.
Respect others’ privacy. Sit at a comfortable distance from others. Respect your
neighbour’s space. Looking is normal, but staring is rude and unacceptable behavior.
Lewd or derogatory comments are immature and unwelcome. Keep music volume low.
No sexual activity. Responsible Naturist beach users have zero tolerance for
lewd behavior. We actively support the arrest and prosecution of all sexual offenders.
Photos: Ask first! Practice common courtesy, and ask for the consent of your subjects
before taking any photos. Minors should never be photographed without the express
consent of parents. All photography must be free of lewd content.
Keeping it clean & pristine. Don’t litter. Keep the beach clean – pick up stray litter you
find. Glass containers are NOT allowed on the beach. Smokers – cigarette butts do NOT
belong in the sea or on the sand, dispose of them properly. Stay out of the dunes and
other environmentally sensitive areas.
Do your part as a good citizen to keep the beach safe and secure for all. Don’t tolerate
inappropriate behavior, but report it to council patrol or the police at
once. An effective hold-up for perves is their own medicine – stare at them persistently!

This information is kindly supplied by Free Beaches NZ Inc.